A personal message from Mrs. Carol Higson, Director

The Measure of 'our' success at Leicester Tutorial Limited

'OUR' SUCCESS is always that much more rewarding because it is shared! This is because Leicester Tutorial's success is of course a direct reflection of the academic achievements of our pupils.

But I am also very mindful of the support given at home that plays such an important part in the learning process. I am delighted therefore that between us - and the home environment - over 32 years since our foundation, we have been able to produce consistently fine sets of results for our students, from school entry examinations, to GCSEs and 'A' Levels.

There is no better time to begin your studies than now and no better way than by personal tuition.

Join us at any time and work at your own speed in the subject of your choice. We teach students with a wide range of abilities from Primary to Adult in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Come and join us now!